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    How to tell what table(s) are using space in a particular tablespace

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    Determine what table(s) are causing a particular tablespace (such as TS4D) to rapidly increase in size.

    1. Check the "likely suspects": z00p_segname (Publishing LOBSEGMENT), z309 (Circulation Log), z30h (Item History), and z69 (OPAC log).

    2. Do util o/14/8 to see how much space is being used in a particular tablespace.

    3. Do util o 14/4 for the xxx01, xxx50, vir01, and (possibly) other libraries.

    4. Do util a/17/11/1 for libraries which step 3 shows are using much space. (If vir01 is big, it may be that clear_vir01 is failing. In this case, check the $alephe_scratch/clear_vir01 logs.)

    5. As discussed in Article 000004978 ("Is the "PRIMO-AVAIL" publishing set necessary?"), if "PRIMO-AVAIL" is one of the publishing sets, it might be eliminated, (Delete the entry from the ./xxx01/tab/tab_publish and stop the xxx01 ue_21.) After which, one would run publish-05 for PRIMO-AVAIL to delete the records.

    See example in Additional Information below.

    Additional Information


    The bottom of the util o/14/8 display shows that the total space used in TS4D is 201 Gig.

    util o/14/4 for for xxx01 shows it is using 69 Gig in TS4D; the same for xxx50 (which is both the ADM library and the $usr_library) shows 129 Gig.

    A grep for TS4D in the ./xxx01/scratch/count_rep.lst output produced by the xxx01 util 1/17/11/1 shows this:

    aleph@dc02kg0449na(a20_1) XXX01> grep TS4D count_rep.lst

    Z00 TABLE TS4D 6471680 808960 99
    Z00R TABLE TS4D 9035776 1129472 138
    Z01 TABLE TS4D 7602176 950272 116
    Z02 TABLE TS4D 2097152 262144 32
    Z11 TABLE TS4D 9109504 1138688 139
    Z324 TABLE TS4D 983040 122880 15
    Z91 TABLE TS4D 131072 16384 2
    Z95 TABLE TS4D 22413312 2801664 342
    Z97 TABLE TS4D 3538944 442368 54
    Z98 TABLE TS4D 9961472 1245184 152

    The same for xxx50 shows this:

    aleph@dc02kg0449na(a20_1) XXX50> grep TS4D count_rep.lst

    Z00P TABLE TS4D 5685248 710656 87
    Z00P_SEGNAME LOBSEGMENT TS4D 123468800 15433600 2079
    Z30 TABLE TS4D 2502656 312832 39

    The space occupied by the xxx50 z00p records is 20 times the space occupied by the xxx01 z00 (doc) records (123 Gig vs. 6 Gig).

    When a new xxx01 z00 (doc) record is created, *three* z00p records are created (one for each of the three publishing sets specified in the ./xxx01/tab/tab_publish table). These three records together are 20 times the size of the z00.

    See also the first section (Oracle Tables) of the attached "Aleph System Maintenance" Powerpoint.


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    • Article last edited: 5/27/2014