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    How to turn off automatic CATALOGER holds

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    How To Turn Off Automatic Hold Requests for Fast Catalog Items?

    How can we stop holds from being placed on course reserve items we catalog in circulation.

    The syslib guide for circulation describes the use of FAST-CAT-HOLD-ID, but, neither ABC50 tab100 or $alephe_tab tab100 has any of the settings mentioned, am I missing a tab100 somewhere?

    alephe_root/pc_server_defaults does have setenv circ_cataloger_request_date 001. I imagine that setenv circ_cataloger_request_date 001 is a system wide setting?

    KB 8192-8695 says set the setenv circ_cataloger_request_date 001 to 999 so in effect the hold never gets placed. But if its system wide that won’t work – must be another way?

    The tab100 header has this for FAST-CAT-HOLD-ID:

    ! Determines the ID for which a hold request will be created when an item
    ! is created using the fast cataloging option.

    ! If this entry does not exist then :
    ! If the library uses user-sharing then the ID will be "CATALOGER".
    ! If the library does not use user-sharing then
    ! the ID will be a concatenation of "CAT-" and the library name.

    Since you have had no FAST-CAT-HOLD-ID value, the system has been creating them with "CATALOGER".

    Adding a bogus FAST-CAT-HOLD-ID value (that is an ID which has no corresponding Z303 record) to tab100 will prevent the z37 CATALOGER holds from being created for abc30 records.

    Please try adding this line to the ABC30 and the ABC50 tab100:



    FAST-CAT-HOLD-ID= <blank>

    and then restart the pc_server.

    (Note: In the case of an xxx01 fast-cat bib, it is just the xxx50 tab100 which needs to be changed. But in the case of an xxx30 doc record, it may be that the xxx30 tab100 also needs to be updated.)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013