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Implementing Course Reserves without Union View


  • Product: Aleph
  • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care


The "Aleph 20 Syslib Guide – Course Reading and Reserves" document describes how to implement Course Reserves with Union View but does not say how to implement it *without* Union View.


The implementation of the Union View mechanism in Course Reading is described in section 10 of this document. 

Some sites have chosen to not implement Union View in Course Reading. 

•    Without Union View, when a title is used in multiple courses, it will appear multiple times in the Brief List, once for each course.

•    With Union View, when a title is used in multiple courses, it will appear just once in the Brief List, with all the courses it is used for shown in the Course/Instructor column, and a Full View showing all the courses the title is used for.

The sites choosing to not implement Union View have done so primarily because they feel that when the patron has searched for a particular course or instructor the inclusion of all of the courses / instructors the document is linked to can be confusing to the patron. The course/instructor the patron searched for is not necessarily the first one in the display. 

This section describes the settings needed in the case where Union View is not being used in Course Reading.

1. All occurrences of “expand_doc_merge_union_crs” in xxx30 tab_expand should be changed to “expand_doc_course”.

2. UNION-LIBRARY=1 in the xxx30 tab100 should be changed to UNION-LIBRARY=0.

3. In tab_base.lng, the U-xxx30 base should be renamed to xxx30PUB or similar.

4. Any references in ./www_f_eng to the U-xxx30 base should be changed to the name chosen in step 3.

5. In switching to non-Union View you can leave the z120 and z127 as they are; they just will not be used.



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