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    In non-Union View Course Reading each title is duplicated

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    But we find that when we don't use Union View (that is, we specify base ABC30 rather than base U-ABC30) for the OPAC Course Reserves and specify the PST field in the xxx30 edit_doc_999.eng, each record is duplicated: besides the regular record, the "connection record" also displays.

    The tab_base.eng entry for your ABC30 does not include any wpe qualifier:

    ABC30 ABC30 Course Reserve ABC30 ABCGR ABC30 N alldocuments not (wpe=NA or wpe=Non Active)

    In order to omit the connection records in non-Union View CR such a qualifier is necessary:

    ABC30 ABC30 Course Reserve ABC30 ABCGR ABC30 N (wpe=Spring or wpe=Summer or wpe=Fall or wpe=Winter or wpe=Yearly) not (wpe=NA or wpe=Non Active)

    I normally recommend that the physical base (xxx01, xxx30, etc.) *not* include qualifiers in column 9 -- since it makes the record non-searchable in the GUI Search as well --, but in this case it may be preferable to *not* see these connection records in the GUI Search either. If the user wants to see the record, they can call it up *by record number* in Cataloging, using the value from the SID field, such as:

    SID L $$aGRP30-000000826-PSY423

    Note: See KB 16384-13441 and 16384-13442 in regard to the display of locations *with* the Union View in Course Reserves.

    See the "System Librarian’s Guide – Course Reading and Reserves" for more on Connection Records.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013