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    Including authority untraced references in bib headings

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    In our LC authority file (xxx10) we have a number of records that function as subject "reference records" that, typically, contain a 150 field and a 260 field. The 1XX field is not an established subject heading, but represents a concept (examples: "Juvenile literature" or "Koranic teaching") and the 260 field contains information on alternate ways to search for the concept represented by the 1XX field. In most cases, there will be no bib records with headings that correspond to the 1XX field, but we would like to include these authority records in our OPAC Web LC subject browse index so users will have access to the information contained in the 260 field. Is this possible?

    In 15.2-up, untraced references --authority records which have "b" in position 9 of their 008-- can be included in the bib headings by running the p_manage_105 job (in the Authority library). 15.2/15.5 rep_ver 3345 describes this: Untraced AUT references. Untraced references are authority records which have "b" in position 09 of their 008 field. These references can not be expanded trough ue_08 since they have no matching bib record. New job p_manage_105 imports this refernces to the Z01/Z0102 BIB table. 1. Code UTR (Words) is defined in USM10 for 008 pos 9. By executing find on UTR=b all records are identified. 2. for each record Z01 entries with Z01-REF-TYPE = "U" are built based on tab_aut and tab20 in the BIB library. p_manage_105 deletes all Z01 with Z01-REF-TYPE = "U" before creating all of them again. 3. p_manage_105 should be executed in the AUT-LIBRARY, for example: M505>> csh -f p_manage_105 USM10,USM01 4. Z01 with Z01-REF-TYPE = "U" can not be selected when using F3 in catalog GUI. 5. Z01 with Z01-REF-TYPE = "U" appears in Z0102 for all bases. 6. p-manage_105.xml also included in this development. 7. p_manage_105 should be executed whenever an untraced reference is added in the AUT library or on a weekly basis. <end rep_ver 3345> The p_manage_105 job is included in the Services menu of the Cataloging client for an authority library. [I hope to add this to the "Headings" section of the "How To Run Index Jobs" shortly.]

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013