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    Incorrect Messages in Circ Log and Cash (in v19)

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    The Circ Log description and Cash Status have incorrect messages. This is only occurring in 1 of the libraries we support, QRS, and it is occurring on Test, Production and Report. The problem is that the messages that are displayed in the client, are coming from the global file in error_eng when it should be coming from the circ_log and cash_status_heading files.

    I am hoping that the additional knowledge that this is occurring with the Cash Status messages, in addition to Circ Log, may help with troubleshooting.

    QRS differs from the other campuses in that, in addition to the $aleph_root/error_eng directory, they have an $alephe_root/error_eng directory which has all the old (pre-v19) files in it.

    The other campuses have either no $alephe_root/error_eng directory or a directory with just the files they have customized in v19.

    I believe this is a variation on KB 8192-824. The cash_status_heading and circ_logger files are relatively new. I note that these files are *not* in the $alephe_root/error_eng directory. When the program doesn't find the file there, it *should* look for the file in the $aleph_root/error_eng directory, where it *does* exist....

    Anyway, I think that you should follow the instructions in KB 8192-824 for clearing up the error_eng situation.

    [From site:] This ticket can be closed. On QRSTest, we copied off all of the files from alephe/error_eng, and left an empty error_eng directory and the problem seems to be fixed.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013