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    Invoices loaded by p_file_96 don't show up in Bulk Arrival list

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    One of our libraries has reported a problem with invoices not showing up in bulk arrival index. One example can be seen in XYProd for vendor 0000009577 invoice number 546039. The vendor, invoice and order have the statuses that should bring up the order in the Bulk Arrival List:

    Order Number 2490914-1
    Sub Library: XYZ LIBRARY
    Order Unit: XYZ Monographs
    Order Type: Monograph
    Order Status: Sent to vendor
    Order Status Date: 07/15/2011
    Material Type: Monographs
    Arrival Status: N
    Invoice Status: C
    Method of Acquisitions: Purchase


    Looking at yesterday's z68 record and client in our XYRept server which gets overwritten with Prod data every night.
    Very strange because here's the z68 info:

    Z68_ORDER_NUMBER: 2490914-1

    showing the arrival status as Complete.

    But in the XYRept client it shows the Order Info with the Arrival Status as N:

    Order Number 2490914-1
    Sub Library XYZ LIBRARY--Tampa
    Order Status Sent to vendor
    Material Type Monographs
    Arrival Status N
    Invoice Status C

    And if you look at the Arrival List in the XYRept client there is nothing there: ARRIVAL (0/1)

    I wonder how the z68_arrival_status could be C and the client still having the Arrival Status None.

    [Later still:]

    We think we've figured out the problem. As set in the fix routines for p-file-96, the orders were being loaded with z68_arrival_status = C and z68_invoice_status = C. I think the Bulk Arrival index would pick up the
    z68_invoice_status = C, but it seems to be safer to have the it loaded as P. And then let the system update the z68_invoice_status as the invoice is actually paid.

    So I made those changes in the various tab_*_def files such as, tab_yankee_def, in xyz01/tab/import. After the table change was made in the fix routine on Friday, order # 2494476-1 was loaded in XYProd on Saturday (8/27). This order is now showing up in the Bulk Arrival index, so that's good. However, there still seems to be a mismatch between the values in the fix tables and the z68 oracle order data.

    Z68-INVOICE-STATUS #################### P
    Z68-ARRIVAL-STATUS #################### N

    select * from z68 where z68_order_number = '2491095-1'
    Z68_ORDER_NUMBER: 2494476-1

    And the client still has N for both, even though that doesn't seem to matter for the Bulk Arrival:

    Order Number 2494476-1
    Order Status Date 08/27/2011
    Arrival Status N
    Invoice Status N

    As I understand it, the main actual problem which you are seeing is that you have specified "N" for the Z68-ARRIVAL-STATUS in the xyz01 tab_yankee_def but the z68_arrival_status in the loaded record is "P". Is that correct?

    As can be seen in the z68.pdf document, P" and "C" are considered to be the legitimate values for Z68-ARRIVAL-STATUS.

    This is made quite clear by the following lines in the b_file_96_fill_z68 program:


    v19 rep_change 691 -- see KB 26462 -- has the story behind these lines.

    Looking at the usm50 z68 on the Ex Libris v20 server, I see the following values:

    usm50@ALEPH201> select z68_arrival_status, count(*) from z68 group by z68_arrival_status;
    **** Hit return to continue ****

    Z COUNT(*)
    - ----------
    C 2078
    M 24
    P 1074
    Y 3

    {It would seem that "Y", for instance, is not a legitimate value, but the ./correct_record/correct_z68 program does nothing with the Z68-ARRIVAL-STATUS (--or the Z68-INVOICE-STATUS) to enforce this.}

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013