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    Is it possible to display specific reasons for non-renewable items in OvP (after 22.1 rep_change 2042) after renew all?


    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care



    In file ./xxx50/tab/tab_check_circ option RENEW-PRE parameters are used, so that the patron knows if he can renew his documents in "My account" (OvP) 

    RENEW-PRE check_circ_1_c_a 
    RENEW-PRE check_circ_3 
    RENEW-PRE check_circ_5_b 
    RENEW-PRE check_circ_6 
    RENEW-PRE check_circ_7_b 

    If documents are not renewable, the patron sees "renew not possible" under the "Status" column, which is a general message. Is there a way to use RENEW-PRE parameters AND display the specific reasons why the documents could not be renewed in Primo?


    No, it is not possible; 
    changing this behaviour means a major design change in Primo and Aleph as Primo would need to try renewal even for non-renewable items. 



    Additional Information

    Aleph 22, rep_change #002042 has enhanced two programs:

    ./alephm/source/dlf_service/dlf_single_renew_loan.cbl (Single renew)
    ./alephm/source/dlf_service/dlf_renew_loan.cbl (Renew all)

    - dlf_single_renew_loan is a subroutine called from dlf_renew_loan.
    - dlf_renew_loan uses RENEW-W-G from tab_check_circ and dlf_single_renew_loan uses RENEW-WWW.

    There is a slight discrepancy in the design of the Aleph OPAC and the design of the Primo-Aleph API causing a different behavior when "renew all" is called up.

    In Aleph OPAC there is a separate program routine for renew all that displays specific reasons.

    In RESTFUL API only one API for renewal exists ( and this API is used for both single renewal and multiple/all renewal.

    For all items "non-renewable" by the RENEW-PRE-checks, Primo will not attempt to perform renewal when the patron tries to "renew all" (as it knows that renewal will fail anyway). Therefore also after this rep_change no specific renewal problems are displayed in this case.



    • Article last edited: 5-Apr-2016