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    Item-processing-status alert behavior in version 18 vs. version 20

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph

    In our testing of version 20, we've noticed something interesting in the circ module: we're not getting alerts for item processing statuses in version 20, that we do see in version 18.

    Alerts for item processing status are turned on in both versions.

    For example, BT is used for "bindery prep." Once the books are returned to be circulated, the books are checked in. In version 18, an alert appears stating "The item had a process status of BT (Bindery Prep - TSD) which has been removed." In version 20, this alert doesn't appear.

    What table is used that tells the circ module to display an alert and remove the item process status upon checkin? I couldn't find any information in the documentation. We've kept table configuration the same in our version 20 test environment as it is in our version 18 production environment to ensure that functionality remains the same between both versions.

    I believe that the NotifyProcessStatus variable in the client \CIRC\TAB\circ.ini file is involved.

    In my circ.ini on both v18 and v20, I have


    therefore, it should perform the same.

    In any case, if yours is not already "Y", you should make it "Y":


    Why is this NotifyProcessStatus=Y necessary when you have the return option "Display Item Process Status" checked? The Help for the latter says: "Note that most items do not have an item process status. This option is useful for finding those items that have an item process status that might no longer be correct. For example, an item that has returned from the bindery might still have the status Binding."

    If the item still has an item processing status, this option should cause a message to display about that fact.

    In this case, where the item processing status has been *removed*, it no longer has a status and is, therefore, not covered by this option. That is why the NotifyProcessStatus=Y must also be set.

    Further clarification:

    It seems it's possible [via tab42] to set up an item processing status such that on any circulation, that process status is removed.

    For instance, BT (bindery prep) has that behavior. On the other hand, BD (at bindery) does NOT get removed on checkout or checkin.

    With BT, the message displays that the processing status is removed regardless of the "Display item process status" option, assuming NotifyProcessStatus=Y. With BD, the item process status message displays or doesn't display according to the "Display item process status" option setting.

    I tested this with the item barcode "HOLD" (I use that for hold-notice testing, hence the easy-to-remember barcorde). Setting item processing status to BT will produce the "removed" message; setting it to BD will or won't display a message depending on the loan or return options.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013