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    Items not displayed

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    The clerk who manages our Reserve collection (or Course reading) noticed something odd last week.
    In doing her yearly review of all items on Reserve, she noticed that several items
    that are currently on Reserve and were never removed from there are no longer
    displayed in the Course Reserve management web interface. Everything looks normal in
    the Aleph client. She is absolutely sure that she never took these items off Reserve.

    Several of the problematic items have been check-out by patrons since she did her
    last review last summer. For each Reserve item she keeps a print record that
    indicates when the item was put on Reserve, when it was removed (if it was removed)
    and the date of the last review. These records indicate that these items were ok
    last time she reviewed the collection in 07/08.
    These items have been added to the Course Reserve at different times, they belong to
    different courses and instructors, and they are a mix of personal copies and library

    Below is a list of examples:

    Title: Public Lands Surveying
    Course number: CT262/CT264
    Instructor: Frymire
    Type: Library copy

    Title: Writing Legal Descriptions
    Course number: CT262/CT264
    Instructor: Frymire
    Type: Library copy


    Please clarify if these are cases where the title was correctly removed from Reserve but the item was not restored to its pre-Reserve state or if the title was somehow *in*correctly disconnected from the course.

    I see that

    Public lands surveying is abc01 and abc50 doc# 000025474 and
    Writing legal descriptions is abc01 and abc50 doc# 000019985.

    The link from a particular document to the course is through the xxx30 Reserve doc record (and xxx30 z11 record).

    When an xxx30 doc record is deleted, the item linked to it may or may not be updated to indicate that the item is no longer on Reserve....

    When the xxx30 doc record is deleted (and the course connection broken) via the p_course_03 ("Report of Course Reading Records that are Linked to an Inactive Course") job, whether the item is restored to its original status will depend on whether the "Do you want to take the items off reserve?" checkbox is checked.

    When it is checked, the program looks for the Z30 in the xxx50 doc record, updates the xxx50 z30 (item) record with these values and deletes the Z30 field from the doc record.

    In the case of these records, we see that the course is *not* inactive and the z30 fields are still there:

    > dlib abc50
    > util f/4 doc

    Reading doc : 000025474
    FMT L AD
    LDR L ^^^^^^a^^^22^^^^^^^^4500
    008 L ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^eng^^
    CAT L $$aCONV$$b00$$c20051218$$lABC50$$h0355
    CAT L $$aABCSD$$b02$$c20060613$$lABC50$$h1512
    Z30 L $$1000010$$2ABCMN$$3USTAC$$4++hTA 622 .U578 1975 $$501$$6 $$7 $$8BOOK $$9N$$0 $$a0

    Reading doc : 000019985
    FMT L AD
    LDR L ^^^^^^a^^^22^^^^^^^^4500
    008 L ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^eng^^
    CAT L $$aCONV$$b00$$c20051218$$lABC50$$h0353
    CAT L $$aABCSD$$b02$$c20060613$$lABC50$$h1516
    Z30 L $$1000010$$2ABCMN$$3USTAC$$4++hKF 670 .W3 1979 $$501$$6 $$7 $$8BOOK $$9N$$0 $$a0

    so it seems that the xxx30 doc records linking the title to the course were deleted. You seem to imply that this was unintentional. I imagine there *are* cases where you would want to remove an individual title from Reserve even though the course is still active. But I guess you are saying that these are not such cases?

    Note: The original sublibrary, collection, item status and location can be restored using the "Restore item information" function in the Circulation client or the "Restore" button on the Cataloging client.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013