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    Items not displaying on [S] Items/Subscriptions node for serial, standing order

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    (1) Item that attached to "serial" or "standing order" + subscripttion is not showing on the [S] Items/Subscriptions node of the 'Order List';
    (2) Example (USM50)
    - bib doc 59221 (title "Item test")
    - "serial" order number 51519
    - subscription that links to order number 51519
    - item (barcode LEAHB) links to order number 51519 and subscription seq 1
    - Gui Acq: find doc number 59221 => click "Orders" => select [S] Items/Subscriptions => Item is not showing, but subscription
    (3) Why items that link to "serial or "standing" orders are not showing on the [S] Items/Subscriptions node?
    Only items that link to "mono" order will display on the [S] Items/Subscriptions node.

    I believe that the "Items/Subscriptions" under the Order tab should be interpreted as "Items or Subscriptions". In the case of a monograph, it will show you the items; in the case of a serial or standing order, it will show you the subscriptions.

    When you are in this Order display, you always have the option of clicking on the "Serial" icon (to the left of the binoculars) which *will* show you the items.

    I believe this is intentional. If it displayed hundreds of items in the order display, that would be overkill, it would flood out the subscriptions; and it would be redundant of the Serial icon display.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013