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    Jobs don't run; $alephe_scratch is completely empty

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17.01

    Whenever we submit a GUI service from our test instance (exlibris1/aleph/u0_1), an entry such as the following will be created in the $data_files/lib_batch_log:

    Wed Jan 25 14:41:33 aleph0 *** executing /exlibris1/aleph/a0_1/aleph/proc/p_com_01 with parameters ABC01,triggers_report,20060125,20060224,TRIGGER-DATE,,00,
    Wed Jan 25 14:41:33 aleph0 *** log file is: /exlibris1/aleph/u0_1/alephe/scratch/abc01_p_com_01.00012

    But no logfile appears in $alephe_scratch and no service is run. $alephe_scratch is completely empty.

    I also tried submitting a service via the command line and again, nothing happened.

    There appears to be something wrong with the batch queue, though I'm not sure what. I've stopped/restarted the batch queue (along with the pc_server) and have also stopped/restarted Aleph itself. One curious note...once Aleph was restarted, the job I ran at the command line *did* appear in the Batch Log, although it never ran to completion. However, none of the jobs I ran from the GUI appeared in the Batch Log.

    $alephe_scratch had only root authorization so the aleph user could not write there.

    Correcting the authorization:

    > chown aleph:aleph /exlibris1/aleph/u0_1/alephe/scratch
    > chmod 775 exlibris1/aleph/u0_1/alephe/scratch

    solved the problem.

    Additional Information

    batch queue, authorization

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013