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    Lending Library Overdue Handling (ill-68) p_ill_68

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    Our overdue job is not picking up the overdue request. For example, in ABC item 34501010880554 was requested from DEF. DEF supplied it with an expected return date of 10/30/07. We run the ill-68 job nightly and the request is not marked overdue.
    In the parameters for the ill-68 the field is called 'expected-arrival-date'; shouldn't that be the expected-return-date?

    The ill_68 service retrieves all Returnable Lending Requests which were already supplied and whose status is 'Sent as Loan'/SL or 'Received by Requester'/RCV. The ill-68 service checks the Expected Return Date (Z416_EXPECTED_RETURN_DATE, referred to as p_exp_arrival_date in the command line parameters) of the retrieved Requests.

    If the Expected Return Date is earlier than the current date (and does not include the current date) the system attempts to send an OVERDUE message to the requester (Borrowing library).

    When the system succeeds in sending the OVERDUE message, the Request status is changed to 'Overdue'/OVD and it is reported as 'Overdue Message Successfully Sent'.

    When the system fails to send the OVERDUE message, the Request status is not changed and it is reported as 'Overdue Message Failed'.

    The service produces two types of reports:
    -- Overdue Summary (form: overdue-apdu-report-total) - This reports the total number of overdue messages successfully sent to the requesters and the total number of overdue messages which failed.
    -- Overdue Statistics Report (form: overdue-apdu-report-body) - This report produces a slip for each requester unit.

    The report shows the total number of successful and failed Overdue messages. It also shows details for each Request that has been detected as 'overdue' and shows whether or not the APDU message has been successfully sent.

    Procedure to Run
    Report and Message to Requesters = B
    Report Only = R
    Message to Requesters Only = L

    Lending Library
    Select the ILL Lending Unit for which you want to run the service. Select ALL to include all ILL Units.

    A sample log file name from $alephe_scratch: usm40_p_ill_68.00246

    Command Line:
    csh -f $aleph_proc/p_ill_68 active_library,procedure_to_run_code,requesters_partner_list,expected_return_date,report_file_name,letter_file_name,report_format,letter_format,ill_unit,staff_username
    csh -f $aleph_proc/p_ill_68 USM40,L,ILL-LAW,20071101,test3,test3a,00,00,ILL_LAW,LAW > /exlibris/aleph/a18_1/alephe/scratch/usm40_p_ill_68.20071129law
    Please note that, even if, in this example, staff user "LAWSTAFF" is denied permission to run ill-69 and cannot run it from the GUI interface, that staff username can be successfully used as a parameter when running it from the command line or job list. However, "LAWSTAFF" must be a valid staff username and if the staff-username and ILL Unit do not match, then LAWSTAFF's ILL Unit will be used instead of the ILL Unit specified. Also, LAWSTAFF MUST be written in upper case.

    02 14:23:00 Y USM40 p_ill_68 USM40,L,ILL_LAW,20071101,test3,test3a,00,00,ILL_LAW,LAW

    In order to run the service for ALL ILL Units at once, the staff username parameter should be left empty and the ILL Unit parameter should be "ALL".


    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013