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    Library not accessible" in GUI and "Requested library is unavailable" in Web

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Problem Symptoms:
    * Message "Library not accessible" in GUI

    * Message "Requested library is unavailable at the moment" in the Web.

    * In the GUI different Remote Service errors, such as, "Remote Service Error (C0463 6)", "Remote Service Error (C0201 6)", etc.

    Library is locked

    1. Do util c/4 for this library. If it says "Library is locked", determine *why* it is locked. Is some batch job running? Did some batch job fail and leave the library locked?

    2. Do util c/1 to check what job is running.

    2a. If job is running,
    * check $alephe_scratch and $data_scratch to see what the job is doing
    * If not critical in terms of its updates,
    * do util c/3 to stop the batch queue,
    * cancel the job using the "kill" command,
    * do util c/6 to unlock the library, then
    * do util c/2 to restart the batch queue.

    2b. If util c/1 shows no job running, check $alephe_scratch (or the Task Manager Batch Log) to see if a job failed and left the library locked. Do util c/6 to unlock the library.

    Additional Information

    1. For instance, util c/1 has this:

    aleph 14894 14893 0 Nov 05 ? 0:00 csh -f /exlibris/aleph/a16_1/aleph/proc/p_arc_01 SBS50,ALL,Y,02

    you could do "kill -9 14894".

    2. If util c/4 doesn't show any information --that is, it doesn't say "locked" and it doesn't say "not locked"; it's just blank--, then do util g/2 ("Display/Update library parameters"). If there's nothing there, then do util g/3 to copy default values (if it's a new install) or load the z52 (if it's an upgrade). {With a pw_library you can always just do util g/3, don't need to worry about z52.}

    * If there *is* something in util util g/2, then go back and do util c/4 again. Our experience has been that doing util g/2 on a new library like this can make util c/4 start working.

    3. Note: The library-lock-status and the other parameters you see in UTIL G/2 are stored in the z52 Oracle table. Make sure you haven't inadvertently deleted this z52 table.)

    4. If the inaccessible library is a bib library and if util c/4 shows that the library is not locked, then consider the associated ADM library. The system checks the ADM library any time the bib library is accessed. If the ADM library is locked in the fashion described above, then the message can appear *for the ADM library*.

    See also KB 8192-7033 ("How to tell if a job locks the library").

    Category: System Management (500)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013