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    Library seems to be locked, but unable to unlock it

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    The xxx30 library seems to be locked. Choosing our Reserve base in the Test OPAC produces a message saying the library is unavailable.

    util/c/4 shows this:

    *** util_c_04 - check xxx30 lock statu ***
    press <CR> to continue:

    which doesn't indicate either locked or unlocked like it should.

    I have tried using util c/6 to unlock it but the problem remains.

    [Current answer (v20):]

    The util c/4 function checks the z52 library-lock-status record.

    > s+ xxx30
    SQL> select * from z52;

    gave "no rows selected".

    But when, I did

    > dlib xxx30
    > util g/2

    I found that 15 lines were displayed; and when I did the "select * from z52" again, I saw that there were now 15 lines.

    It seems that: (1) util g/3 had not been run as part of opening the library (or had failed?) and (2) util g/2 populated the z52 with some default values. The operation of util g/3 (and it seems in this case, util g/2) is described in KB 3990.

    [Old answer:]
    In a previous case (v16) we saw something different:

    The util c/4 function checks the z52 library-lock-status record. When I did util g/2 for xxx30, the display was blank.

    It seems that the z52 table was not copied over from Production. I copied the values from Prod (including the library-lock-status record) and the util c/4 now shows "Library xxx30 is not locked", as it should.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013