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    Links between z30 and z68 for Standing Order ISSUE items

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    1.How are the specific items (z30) are linked to the specific orders (z68)?
    We'd like to update z30_expected_arrival_date (where it's <>00000000) to 00000000 only for items that are connected to outstanding orders (z68_order_type='O').
    One adm can have several orders of different types, and its items (all or partly) can be connected to the irrelevant order type, so substr(z30_rec_key,1,9)=substr(z68_rec_key,1,9) is not enough. Also, in most cases, order_number in z30_acq_data is blank in our records.
    2.Should any third table be involved? Is z30_copy_id=substr(z68_rec_key,10,14) irrelevant?
    A.Also, when we use select from both tabs z30 and z68, and use substr(z30_rec_key,1,9)=substr(z68_rec_key,1,9), we receive specific numbers of results, grouped by sublibrary.
    B.But when we use select only from one tab z30, and then use subquery substr(z30_rec_key,1,9) in (select substr(z68_rec_key,1,9)...), we receive the same results for several sublibs, while other results (smaller number than in A) for the other sulibs, why?

    The z30_copy_id is not relevant. (It is the copy# which prints on the spine of the book. Most sites don't use it.)

    If the z30 is linked to a z16 subscription record, that can be used.

    The link from the z30 to the z16 is the z30_rec_key_2. The z30_rec_key_2 is the z16_rec_key. It is structured as follows:

    02 Z30-REC-KEY-2. S
    03 Z30-DOC-NUMBER-2 PICTURE 9(9).
    03 Z30-COPY-SEQUENCE-2 PICTURE 9(5).

    The z16, in turn, is linked to a particular z68 order record: z16_order_number = z68_order_number.

    From site: Yes, we'd like to update z30_expected_arrival_date to '00000000' for the items with z30_material "ISSUE" *and* they are for orders with 68_order_type "O" for each sublib. I retrieved only 3 records with the help of z16 (not 'z68-order-status not 'CLS' and z30_expected_arrival_date<>00000000), we have much more records. Since the service packs were install'd last November the expected arrival date in the item record is again being incorrectly populated for standing orders. Ex.
    02 z30_rec_key \
    03 doc_number ................002341660
    03 item_sequence .............000170
    02 z30_barcode .................31716004895599
    02 z30_sub_library .............BB001
    02 z30_material ................ISSUE
    02 z30_issue_date ..............20070308
    02 z30_expected_arrival_date ...20070308 <--incorrect system supplied date

    From Jerry: The z30.doc says this about z30_expected_arrival_date: "Not relevant for monograph or standing orders." It seems that it expects standing orders to *not* have ISSUE items.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013