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    Lost Material Processing Fee - Missing from a Patron Record

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    The ABC50 librarian noticed that patron ABCID814's Active Cash doesn't show the $3.00 notice-cost or processing fee (type 0042) as the tab18.eng says that it should.

    This doesn't happen to all their patrons; it just does this once and a while.

    No type 0042 "Lost material - Processing" fee is charged because the cash_0042.cbl program checks to see if TAB18-CASH-E-MAIL (tab18.lng column 8) is set to "N". If so and if the patron has an email address, no type 0042 cash transaction is produced.

    The tab18.eng, column 8, header says:

    ! Charge for e-mail;
    ! Referring to the following cash transactions only:
    ! 0015,0024,0026,0027,0028,0042,0080,0081,0082,0083,0090,
    ! 1024,1026,1027,1028
    ! Y = Cash transactions are always charged, even if the letter
    ! is sent by e-mail
    ! N = If an e-mail-address is present in the patron's valid
    ! address record, no cash transaction is charged.
    ! Please note, that in this case the line
    ! form-print-method EMAIL S
    ! has to be present in the matching translation file and
    ! column 4 in print.ini has to be set to "M" to ensure
    ! that notifications are sent via e-mail if possible.

    The abc50 tab18 has "N" in column 8 of the 0042 line.

    There are two choices, you can:

    (1) change tab18.eng, column 7, for type 42 to "Y" (instead of the current "N"); or

    (2) change tab18.eng, column 5, for type 40 to have the sum of "3.00" (instead of having this on type 42). Type 40 is a "Handling" charge. Isn't "Processing" the same as "Handling"?

    Anyway, either of these *will* work.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013