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    Moving items from one bib to another when they don't display in the pc tree

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    We have a bib record with 2507 items and 9 holdings records. Because the Aleph GUI won't handle a record with this many items, we want to split it into multiple bib records. Because the items we want to move display toward the end of the list (i.e., don't display), we can't move them using the GUI, so I'm investigating the possibility of using Perl/SQL to move the items. This involves changing the primary record key (i.e, making a copy under the new record key and deleting the old item). What happens to other associated records, such as item history records, loan history, when an item is moved in the GUI? Are the history records also moved? What about current loans, holds, cash records, order records ....?

    [ <Jerry Specht > ]

    The z30h, z36, z36h, z37, z37h are certainly moved. z35 could be moved, but it doesn't really matter since the stats will be the same regardless.

    You should change the first 15 bytes of the z31_key (which corresponds to the z30_rec_key) in any matching cash records. (Note: this is the z31_key *not* the z31_rec_key.)

    Likewise, you should change the first 15 bytes of the z20_rec_key's of the z20 serial claims.

    If you were using ILL, there would be ILL records involved too.

    I'm pretty sure there's no automatic moving of others. Please check the "File Relationship Diagrams". The orders, subscriptions, etc., are not specific to a particular item, so I think you need to create new ones under the new ADM, and then change the z30_order_ number and z30_rec_key_2 to the new. If a set of items you are moving corresponds exactly to a particular order/subscription, then I suppose it could be moved, but if not all of them are being moved, the z68/z16 needs to stay. Also remember that the encumbrances/payments are stored as z601 records and are connected via the z601_rec_key_3 to the z68 order.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013