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    Multiple bib records display for a title in Union view/Union catalog

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02


    In a Union catalog or Union view, multiple bib records display for a title when there should be just a single (preferred) record, with multiple holdings.

    What should we configure to correct this?



    Does this happen with all search results?

    * Yes:

    -- Does the base being used begin with "U-"?
    -- It *must*, such as "U-USM90".
    Otherwise, it is not considered a union base and the z120 records will not be used.

    -- Does this library's tab100 have UNION-LIBRARY=0?

    -- It can *not*. It must have UNION-LIBRARY "1" or "2"?

    -- Do SQL> select count(*) from z120;
    -- Is the result 0?
    -- Yes: p_union_01 and p_union_02 need to be run to build the z120.
    -- No: Do SQL> select count(*) from z127;
    -- Is the result is 0?
    Yes, you need to run create_z127 and load_z127_to_mem

    * No (some results *are* properly de-duplicated):

    -- When you do util f/4 for this library's z120, do these non-de-duplicated bib records appear in each other's z120,
    with one of them being the preferred for the other(s)?
    -- Yes: Do util f/4 z127 for these specific bib records
    -- Do the z127's have the same preferred doc as the z120's?
    -- If no, you need to run create_z127 & load_z127_to_mem

    -- No: These records did not score high enough in the match algorithm to be considered a match: The
    $alephe_tab/union_global_param specifies a "match_prog" for this library. Each match_prog has
    a "weights" table associated with it. For instance, if the match_prog is "union_match_edina", then the
    $data_scratch tab_edina_mo_weights and tab_edina_se_weights tables will be used in determining if the
    records should be considered matches and should share the same z120.

    Category: Web OPAC (500)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013