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    No History records for certain items **MASTER RECORD**

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    The items history seems to be missing for some of our items. On our production machine look at item 3060865, All Items History, Item Changes tab. There is no history. Then look at item 3056484, all of the item history seems to be there. A quick search seems to indicate that all records above 3059340 have no item history. Why?

    An item will have history records only if:

    1. xxx50 TAB100-CREATE-Z30H=Y; and

    2. An update has occurred to the record after its creation. {Do you know for a fact that updates *have* occurred to these item records? If you're uncertain, then please make some minor update to the record (such as adding a note) and see if a history record is generated.}

    3. The type of update which occurred is covered by the xxx50 tab_item_history.eng table. If ALL-FIELDS is specified, then *any* update will generate a z30h record. And, if ALL-FIELDS is not specified but ALL-NON-CIRC *is* specified, then all updates to the item will generate z30h's except updates to the z30_no_loans and z30_date_last_return fields.  We recommend using ALL-NON-CIRC rather than ALL-FIELDS.  (ALL-FIELDS can cause extraneous z30h records to be written, resulting in extreme slowness in:  item list display, the loan of frequently-loaned items, and the Cash display.)  See the article " Unnecessary z30h history records " in this regard.

    4. The tablespaces which the z30h Oracle tables and indexes reside in have free space. (In one case util 0/14/1 showed the indexes' tablespace as a "TABLESPACE_WITHOUT_FREE_SPACE".)

    • Article last edited: 25-Mar-2016