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    No instructors, course names, department in Course Reserves OPAC

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    If you try to look up items in the abc30 Course Reserve OPAC, you get a results list with maybe titles or course #'s and copy info, but no instructors, course names, department...

    Here is what I see when I select "MARC" view for each of the five documents retrieved by the search "learning" in abc30:

    CNO |a MI609 0001
    SID |a ABC01-000196535-MI609
    SYS 000000855

    2451 |a Learning plus: reading
    CAT |a ABCCRS1 |b 02 |c 20040120 |l GRP30 |h 1624
    SYS 000000079

    2451 |a Learning plus: writing
    CAT |a ABCCRS1 |b 02 |c 20040120 |l GRP30 |h 1624
    SYS 000000080

    CNO |a MI609 0001
    SID |a ABC30-000000671-MI609
    SYS 000000854

    2451 |a Learning plus: mathematics
    CAT |a ABCCRS1 |b 02 |c 20040120 |l ABC30 |h 1623
    SYS 000000078

    In the case of #1 and #4, the problem is the lack of the following lines in the abc30 tab_expand:

    WEB-BRIEF expand_doc_course

    WEB-FULL expand_doc_course

    In the case of 2, 3, and 5, the docs are not connected to any course. You can do the following to delete xxx30 records which are not connected to any course:

    a. Run util a/19 to back up the xxx30 library, in case you need to restore it.
    b. Run p_ret_01 for xxx30, specifying "CNO##" as the tag and "ZZ" as both the From Text and To Text.
    c. Go to $alephe_scratch directory and do a "spot check" to make sure that the system numbers appearing in the file are, in fact, the ones you want to delete
    d. Use the output from the preceding p_ret_01 as input to p_manage_33 -- in the xxx30 library.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013