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    No Value Shows in Query Studio When More Than 1 Query Item Inserted

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    This problem is most serious when we use the Query Studio of ARC in the Bibliographic Data section. When we insert the first query item as a column e.g., "Bib Library", we get the values of vcu01 and vcu30. However, whenever we insert a second query item (column) e.g., "No of Records", we get nothing except two headings. We know there are Bibliographic data in the data warehouse, but we wonder why when we add a second column, nothing except the headings shows up.

    The problem is that your Z106 table is empty, so there is no information available to the report.

    The Z106 table contains information about record updates. When a cataloging record is updated, a “CAT” field is built in the record. This field identifies the cataloger who created or updated the record, the date and time of update, the cataloger level, and the cataloger’s library. The CAT field supplies the data for the Z106 table.

    The Z106 records can be created automatically when records are updated by setting the CREATE-Z106 flag from the tab100 table of the library’s tab directory to ‘Y’. This flag determines whether a Z106 record is created automatically each time a cataloging record is created or updated. If the flag is set to ‘N’, then record updates will not automatically generate Z106 records. In this case, the Z106 records can be created by running the “Create/Update Z106 Table for "CAT" Field” (manage-19) service. This service is available from the Catalog Maintenance Procedures option of the Services menu in the Cataloging module.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013