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    No results when "Display Local Patrons Only" box is checked

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    When the "Display Local Patrons Only" box is checked, we don't get any results. When the box is un-checked, we get results. Why is that?

    This occurs when there are no records in the Z353 table with this ADM library in their Z353-LIBRARY field (the first 5 bytes of z353_rec_key). In addition to the blank Z353-LIBRARY entries, there should also be Z353s containing the ADM library in this position..

    1.  Though the Z353 records reside in the $usr_library, the p_cir_25 job which produces them needs to be run in the *ADM* library. The problem described occurs when the job is run for the $usr_library rather than the ADM library. If you have multiple ADM libraries, p_cir_25 needs to be run for each of them.
      The following SQL can be used to display all the z353 records for a particular patron:
    SQL> select z353_rec_key from z353 where z353_id = 'xxxxxxxx';
    <where 'xxxxxxxx' is the patron ID (the Z303-ID) >

    2.  If the problem occurs only with certain patrons, it may be that those patrons lack an XXX50 Local Patron record.  For a patron with the patron ID of "ID123456    " this would be a z305 record with the key of "ID123456    XXX50".  

    This means that, in GUI Circ, when you select "Local Patron Information" in the tree on the left, no entry with "XXX50" as the "Sublibrary" appears as a choice in the resulting middle, top frame.   {In order for a patron to be included in the "Display Local Patrons Only" display, they must have (an "XXX50") local patron record.}    You need to create one.




    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013