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    No way to batch delete old, unpaid fines

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    Our state requires that cash records be kept no longer than five years, even if unpaid. We can use cir-32 (Scrub/Remove Patron IDs) or cir-23 (Delete patron records) to eliminate paid or waived cash records, but we are not able to delete *un*paid cash transactions.

    The p_cir_32 Help says: "The patron IDs of cash transaction records that have been closed or waived will be removed." So that won't work.

    p_cir_23 has an "Override Debts" option, but we can't get it to work: it doesn't waive open transactions.

    The p_cir_23 Override Debts (Fines) option does not work when the job is submitted with P-SUB-LIBRARY blank (All). Note: like p_cir_32, p_cir_23 does not actually delete the z31 record; it scrubs the patron ID in the z31_rec_key to disassociate the patron from the z31 record.

    But, if p_cir_23 is submitted with the ADM library (xxx50) specified as the P-SUB-LIBRARY, there will be no match on z31_sub_library (which is almost always the specific, actual sublibrary -- from the item).

    If p_cir_23 is submitted with a specific, actual sublibrary as the P-SUB-LIBRARY, it could match the z31_sub_library, but would fail to match on the Z305-SUB-LIBRARY, which is almost always "ALEPH" or the xxx50 ADM library code.

    What you could do is to submit p_cir_23 multiple times, with each specific, actual sublibrary as the P-SUB-LIBRARY (in order to process the z31's which have an actual sublibrary as the z31_sub_library), and then submit the job with P-SUB-LIBRARY blank or xxx50 in order to delete the z305's, z303's, and the z31's which have "xxx50" as the z31_sub_library.

    If privacy is the main concern, p_cir_23 and p_cir_32 address that; if space is the main concern, old cash records will need to be deleted with SQL.

    • Article last edited: 15-Feb-2016