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    OCLC records not matching on import

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17.01

    In running the oclc_server or p_file_94 to import OCLC records, the log shows that a *new* bib (and ADM and HOL) is being created -- even though there is an existing bib record with exactly the same OCLC number.

    If we then import the OCLC record again, it matches on the new bib record which has been created. But it never matches on an existing bib record (created by the conversion).

    [Note: If the log shows that the incoming record *is* matching on the existing record, but the fields from the incoming record are not updating the existing record, then please consult KB 8192-3353 instead.]

    1. Make sure that the Z11 index entries for the OCLC numbers really are exactly the same.

    a. Check the "OCLC" line in the ./xxx01/tab/tab_match to see what index is being used for the matching. Let's say it is "OCL".

    b. Do util f/4 for the Z11 with this as the key:

    OCL L______________ <fill in the OCLC number>

    c. If you find that there are two entries, one for each of the bib records and they are exactly the same, proceed to step 2. Otherwise, the difference is the reason for the non-match.

    2. Check the bib record for OWN fields. If the incoming record has an OWN field while the existing record lacks an OWN field, then you will need to eliminate the OWN code from column 2 of the ./xxx50/tab/tab_z30 file in order to permit these records to match.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013