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    Odd triggers (such as "BIN$Yn47jdhWvjTgQAEKDutM1A") in v19 xxx30

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    util a/17/6/4 ("Show Trigger Status") in our v19 abc30 Course Reserve library shows triggers like these:

    ------------------------------ ------------------------------ --------
    BIN$Yn47jdhWvjTgQAEKDutM1A==$0 BIN$Yn47jdhZvjTgQAEKDutM1A==$0 ENABLED
    BIN$Yn47jdhXvjTgQAEKDutM1A==$0 BIN$Yn47jdhZvjTgQAEKDutM1A==$0 ENABLED
    BIN$Yn47jdhYvjTgQAEKDutM1A==$0 BIN$Yn47jdhZvjTgQAEKDutM1A==$0 ENABLED

    This is the result of running p_union_01 / p_union_02 with the z127 triggers defined. When you do this, the trigger_name and table_name are changed to those shown above.

    In order to avoid this, you can drop the z127 triggers with the following SQL commands prior to running p_union_01 / p_union_02:

    > s+ abc30
    SQL> drop trigger z127_trigger;
    SQL> drop trigger z127_trigger_1;
    SQL> drop trigger z127_trigger_2;

    Then, after p_union_01 / p_union_02 is done, recreate the triggers via the util a/17/6/1/1 ("Create/Recreate ALL Library Triggers").

    These bogus "BIN$..." triggers do no harm: despite their presence, you *can* still do util a/17/16/1 to create the proper z127 triggers.

    You can not delete them with the SQL delete command. You need to do the following:

    > s+ abc30
    SQL> select * from user_recyclebin; [not necessary, but it shows you what you are purging with the following purge command]
    SQL> purge recyclebin;

    (Thanks to Al Rykhus, at PALS-MnLink, for supplying this purge command.)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013