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    Offline Circ files error "Item not on loan"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    We are attempting to use the Offline Circulation function as a way to track in-house use.

    The procedure thus far:
    1. Download a file of barcodes from a memory-barcode reader.
    2. Edit the file according to the required format of the offcirc.dat file; Save to ~circ\files\BRO50\offcirc.dat
    3. Open the Circ module.
    4. Click on Circulation -- Offline Circulation, then click on "Send" to send the file to the server.
    5. Review the Offline Circulation Report for errors.

    Unfortunately, the Report lists all the barcodes, and flags them as "Item not on loan".

    It is true the items are not on loan, but I thought that the attempt to "return" them would trigger an 80 event (inhouse use). Why isn't this happening?

    The system is hard-coded to check that the item is on loan. This can't be altered by a table change or other local configuration. One ALEPH site has solved the problem nicely. Rather than use off-line circ upload, they use the interactive In-house dialog in circulation. Here is the final report from the ALEPH customer site:

    "The PDA's I've looked at save the data to a CSV text file on the PC side when they sync the data that has been scanned. It's easy to tweak that txt file if needed, the only problem was getting the data into the In-house window in Circulation. Using AutoHotKey from I made a hotkey script that opens the In-house window, reads the txt file line by line and pastes in each line.. AutoHotKey is GPL'd freeware."

    Attached are two scripts. The original, cs1504.ahk authored by Ron Miller of Southern Adventist University, was written for the Symbol CS1504 Keychain Scanner Mobile Computers. The second, opn2001input.ahk authored by Pat Maxwell of SUNY-Brockport, is an adaptation of Ron's script for use with the Opticon OPN2001 scanner. This script has an additional step that creates a backup file.

    See also KB 8192-2759.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013