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    Only Sort Type "INV-1-D" appears "Order Invoice Lines" display

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    In our v19 Aleph Acq/Ser, under Order List – Invoice, in the upper pane "Order Invoice Lines": there’s only one Sort Type (INV-1-D). This sorts the invoices attached to the order record by invoice number, in descending order. This is not very user-friendly because invoices from publishers are not always in neat numerical order.

    It was much better in our v18 Aleph, which sorted the invoices by date.

    Is there any way to set this up so the most recent invoice shows at the top of the screen?

    The distinctive symptom of this problem is the fact that the Sort Type displays a code (such as "INV-1-D") rather than text {such as "Vendor/Invoice Number (Descending)"}.

    As described in the Release Notes for v.19, ALEPH Tables, section 2.6, there's a new INV-SORT-TYPE menu that sets the sort options that are displayed when an order's invoice lines are displayed in the Invoice node of the Order Tab.

    The twelve INV-SORT-TYPE lines which need to be added to your ./xxx50/tab/pc_tab_exp_field.eng file can be seen in the ./usm50/tab/pc_tab_exp_field.eng delivered with v19.

    ! invoice sorting
    INV-SORT-TYPE L Vendor/Invoice Number (Ascending) INV-1-A
    INV-SORT-TYPE L Vendor/Invoice Number (Descending) INV-1-D
    INV-SORT-TYPE L Date Range (Ascending) INV-2-A
    INV-SORT-TYPE L Date Range (Descending) INV-2-D
    INV-SORT-TYPE L Invoice Type (Ascending) INV-3-A
    INV-SORT-TYPE L Invoice Type(Descending) INV-3-D
    INV-SORT-TYPE L Related Budget (Ascending) INV-4-A
    INV-SORT-TYPE L Related Budget (Descending) INV-4-D
    INV-SORT-TYPE L Invoice Line Note (Ascending) INV-5-A
    INV-SORT-TYPE L Invoice Line Note (Descending) INV-5-D
    INV-SORT-TYPE L Invoice Number (Ascending) INV-6-A
    INV-SORT-TYPE L Invoice Number (Descending) INV-6-D

    After adding the above lines to your pc_tab_exp_field.eng, you will need to restart the pc_server.

    KB 16384-22402 is a related KB record having to do with changing the *default* Sort Type.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013