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    Oracle archive logs filling up due to p_manage_21 in xxx10 library

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    After running p_manage_21 to update the UPD field in 251,389 authority records from "N" to "Y", the Oracle archive logs keep filling up.

    Though z105, z01, and z07 updates are all involved. The vast majority of the archive logging was occurring for the updates to Aleph indexes as a result of the processing of z07 records by the abc01 ue_01.

    This newly-implemented site indicated that their bib records are currently in synch with their authorities and that the UPD was being changed to "Y" only so that *subsequent* changes to the authority records will result in updates to the heading fields in the associated bib records. Therefore, the z07's produced by ue_08 were extraneous.

    I used the principles described in KB's 4093, 6242, and 8192-2743 to locate z07's *not* created by ue_08 (and, therefore, needing to be preserved).

    I ran p_file_03 to back up the entire z07 and then the following to create a file with just the z07's needing to be preserved:

    cd $data_files
    mv z07.seqaa z07.seqaa.complete
    grep ABC50 z07.seqaa > z07.seqaa.abc50
    grep ABC60 z07.seqaa > z07.seqaa.abc60
    cat z07.seqaa.abc50 z07.seqaa.abc60 > z07.seqaa

    Then I did util a/17/1 for the z07 and loaded this z07.seqaa file with p_file_04.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013