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    PLIF is not updating address field (or other field); meaning of PLIF-mod values

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    All of our PLIF records include addresses.
    In the $data_scratch/p_file_20_report file, it says "Successed to REWRITE table z304 with modification restrictions". There are no errors for these records in the $alephe_scratch/p_file_20 file.
    But when we check the z304 record, we find that it has not been updated.

    The Z303_plif_modification for these patrons is "A B D E".

    The meaning of these values is described in the Znn tables Z303 document:

    This field is used to determine which fields and/or which records should be protected when updating borrower records using the PLIF - Patron Loader (p-file-20) service. The field can contain a list of codes delimited by a space in between.Codes are:

    A = Do not modify the borrower’s address records (Z304).
    B = Do not modify the borrower’s status.
    D = Do not modify the borrower’s expiry date.
    E = Do not modify the borrower’s e-mail address (Z304-EMAIL-ADDRESS) in the address record (Z304).
    1 = Do not modify all borrower’s records (Z303, Z304, Z305 and Z308).

    This is coming from your $usr_library/tab/tab_fast_patron_register, which has this line:


    You should change this to the values you actually want. You will need to update existing patrons using SQL.

    Note: The ./usr00/tab/tab_fast_patron_register we send out has this same "A B D E". If your own $usr_library tab_fast_patron_register has been copied from this usr00 table, you should consider what values you really want.

    (keywords: p_file_20 file_20)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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