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    Page Numbers on Overdue Notices Not Printing

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    Since the upgrade to sp1851 a campus reports that the page numbers on overdue notices are not showing up on the printed product. They have tried every machine, the have checked the browser (copy of the browser options attached to this issue). Is there a place in aleph that dictates whether or not page numbers get printed? If not, why would they have gone away (they were definitely printing out before the sp1851 upgrade.

    If you are using [Print] NewPrintType=Y in C:\AL500\ALEPHCOM\TAB\alephcom.ini, then you need to set up HTMLprint to display page numbers. When HTMLprint is being used, your computer's Internet Explorer headers/footers are for your personal use and the HTMLprint headers/footers are for public use on Aleph printouts.

    In order to set this up, you need to run C:\AL500\ALEPHCOM\BIN\Htmlprint.exe (double-click from Windows Explorer) > File menu > Edit Configuration file. This will open the Header/Footer Definition interface. It has more options than the Internet Explorer interface, including clear access to Left/Center/Right sections of the Headers and Footers, font control, and the option of adding a logo to your printouts.

    The available codes (different from Internet Explorer and summarized below) can be found in the HTMLprint help. The HTMLprint help can be viewed by running C:\AL500\ALEPHCOM\BIN\HTMLPrint.exe and select Help menu > Contents or else double-click on help.chm itself in Windows Explorer.

    C# = current Document title.
    P# = current Document pathname+filename.
    F# = current Document filename (without path).
    D# = current date.
    N# = current page number.
    T# = total number of pages which will be printed.
    O#n# = current page number plus n, which should be an integer whole number.
    Example: If n is 20 and the page number is 1, it will print 21. Always place the # character after n.
    The symbols must be entered in upper case.
    If a font name, size or color isn't specified, the text will be printed using Arial 8 pt, black color.
    If SKIPFIRST is specified, the first page footer or header will not be printed at all.
    If an image filename (with .BMP, .JPEG, .GIF or .PNG file extension) is specified, and the image (using a path relative to HTMLPrint program location) is found, it will be printed. It is not possible to specify both an image and text in the same section (there are three sections: left, center and right).
    If a header or footer is printed, the top or bottom margins may be set accordingly, leaving enough space for the header and/or footer.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013