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    Parallel indexing of headings

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    Please help me with the following:
    I just ran a test of the headings index on ABC02 for headings.
    I ran p_manage_02 with the delete flag set to 0.
    I did not run p_manage_102 first.
    It looks like the authority links are no longer there. Can you explain?

    Maybe there were some changes to tab_filing or the $alephe_unicode character conversion tables which could have resulted in new Z01s being written..
    How should you have dealt with this? If you think that a lot of headings will be new, then you may be better off running p_manage_102, as you did originally. But if you think fewer than 25% of the headings will be changed, then you can run the p_manage_02 with (update=0 and) sw-force-chk="N". Then when you start ue_08 it will check these headings and make the correct links..
    Why don't you do this SQL to see if *all* the headings are dissociated from the authority library -- or if some of them are still connected:.
    SQL> select count(*) from z01 where z01_rec_key_4 like 'XXXNN%';.
    [where XXXNN is the authority library].
    If you start ue_08 in "R"-mode ("Re-check previously unmatched headings"), then everything which was set by sw-force-chk to "-CHK-" will be changed to "-NEW-" and ue_08 will recheck them and make associations as appropriate..
    If it seems that the preceding doesn't apply to your case for some reason, then let me know and I will try to think of some other possibilities.;When p_manage_102 runs, all the headings (z01's) it creates are linked to the authority library..
    Then when p_manage_02 follows it (with update=0 and sw-force-chk = "Y" - in 14.2; a submission parameter ("Insert -CHK- in New Headings") in 15.2-up}), it tries to find matching headings and creates a z02 when it does. When there's no match, it creates a z01 with "-CHK-" for its authority library -- indicating that the heading has been checked (and preventing ue_08 from doing redundant re-checking)..
    Then, later, when you run p_manage_02 with update=0 and sw-force-chk="Y", as long as the headings generated match exactly the existing z01, they will continue to be associated with the z01 linked to the authority. But if there's a change (any change) to the filing text (or normalized text) (or display text), then the z02 for the existing z01 will be deleted and a new z01 with a new z02 connected to it will be generated. This heading may look basically the same as the previous, but (aside from whatever differences there are in the text), the heading will *not* be linked to the authority record (as the old heading was). And when ue_08 goes to run it will not correct this situation since the z01's will have all been written with "-CHK=" rather than "-NEW-".

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013