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    Parallel indexing in new library

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    I just opened a new library for the purpose of running parallel indexing. The Open a New Library document (May 23, 2005) in section 4.2 says "script creates an empty $data_root/file_list," and that is what happened. The Parallel Indexing document (August 14, 2003) Step 3 says "Initially, in the root directory of the new library, there should be a copy of the actual library’s file_list.".

    Before I go any further could you confirm that I am supposed to copy the entire file_list over to the new library, or can I limit the file_list to just those actually needed for parallel indexing (which ones?)? The documentation goes on to say "In the indexing library the sequence numbers table, z52, should always be local" and that "z00, as well as z103 and z0102 tables should always be a logical synonym.".

    What about all of the rest of the files? I would guess local, but since z52 was singled out, it is not clear about the others. Thanks for any guidance you can give me.

    The only files tables/indexes which need to be in the file_list of the parallel indexing library are those which are used for parallel indexing.

    The following are tables (and indexes) which are found in USM01 which can certainly be omitted from the parallel indexing library: z00r, z104, z105, z106, z109, z127, z300, z35, z69, and z324.

    You definitely want to have LS for the z00 and z103.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013