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    Patron has blocks/notes indicator - can it be removed?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 21

    Problem Symptoms:
    Since we upgraded to Aleph 21 we get an extra indicator in the Patron bar that tells us when the patron has blocks or notes.
    Is it possible to switch the indicator off - or ask it only to display if the Local blocks or notes are being used?

    rep_change #2017

    Revert the unwanted rep_change #2017 implementation
    In order to do so, adapt file
    2001 0000 L $1 ($3/$4) $5
    2001 0000 L $1 ($3/$4)

    Then the note 'Patron has Blocks/notes' is suppressed.

    Additional Information

    If you do not have a file $alephe_root/error_/pc_cir_c0463 copy it over from the $aleph_root/error_ directory. Changes in $alephe_root/error_ take precedence.

    Category: Circulation/ALEPH

    Subject: Patrons - ALEPH

    • Article last edited: 9/4/2014