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    Problem creating booking slots

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17.01

    Item with status 77 is short loan item. All slots defined in tab43 for this item status appear correctly in 'Create Advance Booking Request' form.
    Then status 77 was deleted from tab43. After this run p_cir_61 to delete old slots, and p_cir_60 to build new ones.
    This should have deleted slots for items with status 77.
    However, when I try to do a booking request for the same item status, I can see the slots just fine, and they shouldn't be there.

    1. Note that it is impossible to remove current and future slots by p_cir_61 - Latest Date for Schedule to be Deleted can't be after 3 days ago.
    2. p_cir_60 according to parameters should create slots from p_start_date till p_end_date.
    The service works in the following way: z321_date_last is checked, and than not all slots are created, but only slots from z321_date_last till p_end_date, and after this z321_date_last is updated.
    In our case these dates are equal so all slots which already were created in DB for item status 77 remains without changes.
    3. Solution:
    If tab43 was changed, the customer needs to drop z320, z321 tables by util / a / 17 / 1 and after this to run p_cir_60. Only in this way all old not relevant slots will be removed. Note that from v.17.01 fields Z320_ID, Z320_BARCODE are empty. All information about booking requests is saved in z37, so there is no risk to lose some information.

    Additional Information

    booking, short loan items, tab43, p_cir_60, p_cir_61

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013