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    Problem if batch job is running at the time when the job daemon is shut down?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    Is it a problem if a batch job is running at the time the job daemon is shut down? (Note: We shut down the job daemon during the change to / from Daylight Savings Time.)

    There can sometimes be problems with killing the job daemon when processes started by the job daemon (having the job daemon as their parent process) are still running.

    We suggest that you kill (util e/15/2) the job daemon only when such jobs have completed. You can do the following to check if there are any such jobs:

    > util e /15/3 ("Show running job daemon"). It will produce a display like this:

    12275 ? S 0:00 /exlibris/aleph/a20_3/aleph/exe/jobd a20_3

    then do:

    > ps -ef | grep 12275

    It will produce a display like this:

    aleph 12275 1 0 12:24 ? 00:00:00 /exlibris/aleph/a20_3/aleph/exe/jobd a20_3

    If this is the *only* line you see, there are no linked processes and you can proceed.

    But if there are other lines, with processes linked to "12275" (that is, with "12275" as the second number), then you should wait until these processes complete before proceeding.

    Note that the system will not let you stop the batch queue (util c/3) when jobs started from the queue are still running. (See KB 8192-955.) But there is no reason to stop the batch queue in connection with the time change. It is only the job daemon that needs to be stopped.

    See KB 5151 for more info on time change.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013