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    Production - cannot check lock status (UTIL-C-4) for new parallel index library

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    After opening a sys21 parallel indexing library on production region, setting $alephe_tab/library_relation, setting up logical synonyms in sys21, and setting up indexing config tables, my p_manage_05 process (running in sys21) is aborting and the batch_log says that the sys21 library is "already locked." When I go to the UTIL-C-4 menu item, I cannot get it to display whether or not sys21 library is locked (to confirm this), and running UTIL-C-6 to unlock it doesn't have the needed effect either.

    Because of this problem, I have attempted to change the $aleph_root/aleph_start.private file twice now (logging out and relogging-in after both changes), because initially I was also receiving an error message when attempting to run UTIL-C-6 to the effect that sys21 is not included in ACC_AUT_STARTUP_LIBS and is not included in REQUEST_STARTUP_LIBS, so I added sys21 to these environment variables (incidentally, I didn't have to do this on the test region recently when I went through this whole process). I backed up before making any changes to this file, but while I no longer receive those messages when running UTIL-C-6, again, it still does not allow me to check the current lock status of sys21 (in UTIL-C-4), nor does the p_manage_05 service run (it aborts, stating that sys21 is already locked).

    As described in KB 8192-2047, the system consults the util g/2 line, "library-lock-status". Checking the sys21 UTIL-G-2, I found there was no library-lock-status line. (Only a "change-file-name" line.)

    When you opened the sys21 library, the UTIL-G-3 step which you performed did not work properly. UTIL-G-3 uses the USMnn demo library of the same type. For a bib library, this should be USM01. But "echo $demo_libs" shows only these libraries: vir01 usr00 ext01 ext02.

    The reason for this is the following in aleph_start:
    setenv DEMO_LIBS "usm01 usm10 usm11 usm12 usm14 usm15 usm19"
    setenv DEMO_LIBS "$DEMO_LIBS usm20 usm21 usm30 usm50 usm51"
    setenv DEMO_LIBS "$DEMO_LIBS usm60 usm90"
    setenv DEMO_LIBS "vir01 usr00 ext01 ext02"

    This last line needs to be corrected to: "$DEMO_LIBS vir01 usr00 ext01 ext02".

    (By including the "$DEMO_LIBS", you are saying "concatenate these values to the previous DEMO_LIBS line".)

    Note: Before realizing that this was the root cause, I used another method this morning to correct the problem (p_file_03 of the sys01 z52 file, copy to sys21, and load with p_file_04). With this corrected z52 -- with a library-lock-status line -- you should have found that you could unlock the library.

    But you should still make the DEMO_LIBS correction to aleph_start described above.


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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013