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    Proxy Course Support in v19/20

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    We just finished an Aleph upgrade from v18 to v20. After the fact, I found out that our reserves department had been using "Proxy Course" functionality in v18. The upgrade documentation mentions that this DB field has been removed, and the contained data moved to a "note". However, I can't find any discussion in the v20 Users Guide, Release Notes, or Knowledge Base about this change.

    Would like information about why this functionality was removed, and what (if any) v20 features are designed to replace Proxy Courses.

    I find that there are 40 courses which have the z108_note populated with another course number -- along with a distinctive "string":

    abc50@ALEPH20> select count(*) from z108 where z108_note like '%string%';
    **** Hit return to continue ****


    The following SQL will list each:

    abc50@ALEPH20> select z108_rec_key, z108_note from z108 where z108_note like '%string%';

    I believe these are the cases of v18 proxies. Or are there others, not represented by such notes?

    We see that course S90.3066 has two docs and S99.2132 has one:

    02 z11_rec_key \
    03 ind_code .......CNO
    03 filing_text ....S90 3066
    03 sequence_1 .....000062593

    02 z11_rec_key \
    03 ind_code .......CNO
    03 filing_text ....S90 3066
    03 sequence_1 .....000073381

    02 z11_rec_key \
    03 ind_code .......CNO
    03 filing_text ....S99 2132
    03 sequence_1 .....000073382

    The z108_note of course S99.2132 points to course S90.3066:

    02 z108_rec_key \
    03 course_number ............S99.2132
    03 course_sequence ..........0001
    02 z108_alpha .................L
    02 z108_course_name ...........Depression: Conceptual Issues
    02 z108_note ..................S90.3066

    Thinking more about how to handle this, I don't think the common course concept applies. A common course has an xxxxxx-0000 form and all of the individual courses under it have the same xxxxxx number.

    What we really want is for each abc30 doc to be attached to both courses. In the above example, each of the three docs would be attached to *both* S90.3066 and S99.2132.

    When you click on the "Attached to Courses" tab, on the bottom screen, under the Course Doc List, you should see both S90.3066 and S99.2132.

    You would accomplish this as follows:

    1. Call up the S99.2132 course

    2. Click on Search

    3. In the "Bibliographic Library" dropdown select "ABC30".

    4. Enter 000062593 as the Bib System Number.

    5. Then enter 000073381 as the Bib System Number.

    You should now see all three doc records under the S99.2132 course.

    An alternative -- definitely the best approach with a *new* proxy -- is to click on "Duplicate". You can change the number of the new course you are creating to a different number. When you click on "Add", it will prompt you with "Do you want to duplicate also the Reading List?". If you reply "Yes", then all the doc records under the existing course will be included under the new course's doc list also.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013