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    Reading date/time in the $data_files/batch_log file

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    We are trying to see if the run time of certain batch jobs (p_file_20, etc.) has changed over time. The $alephe_scratch only has a couple months.

    The ./abc50/files/batch_log file goes back several years but the dates/times are not readable.

    You can use util c/11 to display this file with the date/time readable ... and nicely formatted.

    Example: batch_log:

    11757441078597 29048 court_bb p_cir_10 start ABC5
    11757441079923 29048 court_bb p_cir_10 target=cou
    11757441084573 29048 court_bb p_cir_10 Fixed para
    m: ABC50,court_bb,Y,,Y,BB001,003,00,N,1,N,N,3,01,
    11757441127780 29048 court_bb p_cir_10 end

    util c/11:

    04-04-2007 23:35:07 court_bb p_cir_10 start ABC50
    04-04-2007 23:35:07 court_bb p_cir_10 target=cour
    04-04-2007 23:35:08 court_bb p_cir_10 Fixed param
    : ABC50,court_bb,Y,,Y,BB001,003,00,N,1,N,N,3,01,
    04-04-2007 23:35:12 court_bb p_cir_10 end

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013