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    Receiving Unpredicted Issues

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17.01

    We have an unpredicted title (there is no caption pattern or publication schedule).
    There are multiple subscriptions, each with a separate HOL link.

    Here's the workflow our staff has devised:

    1. Pull up the record by sys. id in Serials.
    2. Select the GROUP arrival option. (this seems to be the most efficient way to arriving multiple copies because only a single arrival transaction is required)
    3. Highlight a previous "arrival line". Click duplicate to initiate creation of the requisite Item Records.
    4. Tab to the Issue Date field and enter the receipt date.
    5. Display the Enumeration/Chronology tab and edit the fields, including "description" as appropriate.
    6. Click ADD to create the item records for each copy.
    7. An item record is created for each subscription record, and the linkage displays correctly in the SUBSCRIPTION NO. field of the Item record SERIAL INFORMATION Tab.

    PROBLEM 1:
    The system is assigning a single HOL linkage to each item record created through this process.
    This results in Item records that have an incorrect call number (because it's supplied through the HOL link). For example, when we create item records using this process (i.e., duplicating through the GROUP node) where Subscription 1 is linked to HOL 2767276 and Subscription 2 is linked to 2771020, BOTH resulting item records are linked to HOL 2767276.

    PROBLEM No. 2
    There are four subscriptions linked to 4 HOL records. One of the subscriptions is inactive with the subscription FROM/TO dates being 4/19/99 to 5/1/2002.

    When we Duplicate through the GROUP arrival screen, the system creates 4 items records (this includes a record for the inactive subscription), and all four item records are linked to one HOL record.

    What is the most efficient way to arrive multiple copies from multiple subscription records, linked to separate HOL records for UNPREDICTED titles?

    The ALEPH User Guide for Serials recommends this:

    4.1.3 Irregular Serials
    The problem with irregular serials is that the behavioral pattern cannot be predicted accurately.
    To handle irregular serial patterns:
    1. Record the 853 field in either the ADM or the HOL record.
    2. Make sure that subfield $w in the 853 field includes the value X to indicate that the frequency is completely irregular.
    3. Generate the first issue manually by clicking New from the Item List.
    4. After the first issue has been checked in, create the next expected issue from the Check In List by clicking Duplicate, and updating the details of the next expected issue.

    I tried this method. Choosing "Open All" for each subscription, it opened First (one) expected issue for each Subscription. Then I used "Group" to arrive them. However, none is linked to the HOL, and also the Serial's Enumeration information needed changes (erase spaces and delete 'garbage').

    Additional Information

    irregular pattern, upredicted issues, group node, duplicate, subscription

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013