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    Record deleted in Aleph still shows up in Primo

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Yesterday on 4/14 we deleted record 000099173 from Aleph: Journal of transportation and statistics.

    The record is still showing in Primo on 4/15. We checked the z00p file and the record has a status of DELETED, showing that it is being processed by ue_21. The time stamp is 201004141846394.

    Also, this deleted record *is* being included in the xml tar file produced by p_publish_06. The header shows "DELETED" and the record has <header status="deleted">.

    A Pipe in Primo must harvest the extract from ALEPH; this must be followed by an Indexing Process. If these steps had no errors (not all errors are fatal, especially with Pipes) the record should no longer show up in Primo.

    There are some assumptions implicit in the above statement. One is that the record is in a current extract (i.e. dated after the last Pipe run). Another is that the records identifier is unchanged and the same in both the OAI-PMH <identifier> tag and the BIB record (e.g. MARC 001, MARC 035$a).

    From the fragment supplied I would expect the PNX recordid to be <PRIMO DATA SOURCE CODE>aleph-publish:000099173 (e.g. ORN_aleph-publish:000099173). The PNX for a record can be examined by adding $showPnx=true to the URL of its Full Display.

    The PNX should also be checked to confirm this is the ILS record. I have had customers with "records that won't delete" that were duplicates in their ILS or came from another Data Source.

    In this case, the site found that the deleted record was still coming from another data source (SFX).

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013