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    Record viewable in SQL but not in UTIL F/4

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17.01

    We see the following symptoms:

    1) In running p_manage_50: ERROR: unable to retrieve ADM record xxx50-000095980 for BIB record xxx01-000095980

    2) In trying to do "Load ADM" from bib record 95980 (and others in the problem range) in GUI Cataloging, we get the message, "Record does not exist".

    3) ADM record 95980 cannot be viewed in util f/4 ("Error reading doc") -- while it *can* be viewed in SQL (by doing: select * from z00 where z00_doc_number = '000095980';).

    Though util a/17/14 showed that the z00_id Oracle index was present and valid, we found that doing util a/17/3 to rebuild it *temporarily* corrected the problem. But it came back with different records.

    The solution is to export the z00 with p_file_03, recreate the z00 table, and then reload using p_file_04. There was some problem in the Oracle 8 -> Oracle 9 upgrade of this particular file. (Note: E.L. was not involved in this upgrade, so we can't say for sure. It was an "upgrade in place".)

    [Additional info not directly involved in the solution:] The site had upgraded to Oracle 9 but had not recreated the Oracle indexes. The site had done an upgrade-in-place with the Oracle DBUA (Database Upgrade Utility). It's unclear what this utility says about Oracle index regeneration, but, based on this experience, I suggest that, unless it's very clear that such regeneration is not necessary, you should do it. Oracle index regeneration can be done for an entire ALEPH library at once using util a/17/3 "all".

    Additional Information

    record, viewable, SQL, UTIL F/4

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013