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    Reducing number of updates being done to Oracle data

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Do you know of anything I could disable that would help keep our /oradata/aleph20/ from filling up so fast?

    It seems to be filling up rather quick today for some reason so I wasn't sure if there was a journaling feature or something that we don't really need to be running that might help.

    One of the main sources of large numbers of updates are the ue_nn daemons. (See KB's
    8192-7543, 8192-10426, 16384-28562, and 6658 in this regard.)

    I see that the daemons (such as, sys01 ue_01) have not been restarted for 6 weeks.

    I suggest that you stop and restart the sys01 ue_01 right now.

    As described in KB 16384-21105, we suggest that aleph_shutdown/aleph_startup be run weekly.


    I find that you have 179 million z0102 records. This makes the ue_01_z0102 process do a lot of work when you update records.

    Since you have 5.9 million bibs, I suggest (as discussed in KB 8192-6888) that you set col. 8 in tab_base.eng to "N" for any bases which have more than 600,000 records. That would be all of these (as seen in util h/1):

    USD | 644943| Yes | Yes |
    USDIS | 645312| Yes | Yes |
    USDVE | 677235| Yes | Yes |
    USDVI | 677604| Yes | Yes |
    USDALL | 696998| Yes | Yes |
    USDWE | 664706| Yes | Yes |
    USDWI | 665075| Yes | Yes |
    BRO | 783190| Yes | Yes |
    SFL | 600903| Yes | Yes
    VERMILLION | 766535| Yes | Yes

    Eliminating the z0102 for these large bases should reduce the ue_01_z0102 load considerably.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013