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    Resending selected Aleph records to Primo

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    Resend selected Aleph records to Primo -- for update or deletion. (Resending a record to the server or inputting it to manage-40 without any change does not work -- it does not generate a z07p for processing by ue_21.)

    (The reason that a z07p is generated by ue_01 only when there has been a change to the record is described in Additional Information, Note 1, below.)
    A. util f/1/30 writes a z07p record for one individual record. It can be used in the case where there are just few records which need to be resent.  Note that, in the case of delete's, if there's no existing z00p, the process described below will not work.  

      Another way to do this for just a few records would be to delete the existing z00p's for the records  and then input them to ue_01 either via util f/13 or manage-40 -- this *will* force the z00p to be recreated--, but the preceding (util f/1/30) is simpler and more direct.

    B. If more than just a few ...
    1. Create a script ("util_f_01_30_batch") with the following lines:
    source $alephe_root/aleph_start
    #set parameter
    set input="$alephe_scratch/repub"
    #prepare the file
    sed -i 's/XXX01//g' ${input}
    echo "Q" >> ${input}
    #process the records
    cat ${input} | $aleph_exe/rts32 uf_30_a
    exit 0

    Note: The "XXX01" in the above sed command needs to be changed to your local bib library (in uppercase). This will cause the "XXX01" to be removed from the end of each line (-- as uf_30_a wants and needs only the number.) And the "echo" statement will add "Q" as the last line in the file, to indicate its end. Thus, there is no need to manually edit the file saved in step# 2 below.

    2. Use ret-03, ret-01, or GUI search to retrieve the desired record keys. The output file containing these keys should be named "repub". (In the case of GUI search, this is the name which should be entered into the "Save on Server" pop-up which appears when "Save" is clicked on.)
    3. dlib to xxx01 and execute the above util_f_01_30_batch script.
    4. The script will create z07p records which will be processed by ue_21, which will update the z00p.

    Thanks to Bernardo Gomez and Alex Cooper of Emory University for creating this script.

    Additional Information

    Note 1: Creating a file of record numbers, stopping/starting the abc01 ue_01, and using the file of record numbers as input to p_manage_40 does *not* work. Even though a z07 is generated by manage-40 and processed by ue_01, no z07p is generated, the z00p is not updated, and the record is not re-sent to Primo. The ue_01_a program calls "compare_docx" to see if the record has changed. If it hasn't, then certain programs (update_z105 and update_z07p) are not executed. (Other index programs are executed even if no change has been found.)

    Note 2: A previous resolution suggested temporarily adding a field to each record to be sent via manage-21 (Global Change) and then deleting the field, so that ue_01 would detect it as changed and write a z07p. That *does* work but the new resolution is simpler.


    • Article last edited: 3-Feb-2017