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    Restoring from Aleph v20 to v18: error while loading shared libraries: libcobrts

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    Because of a problem in the upgrade we needed to roll back to Aleph v18. I followed the instructions in Appendix D of the AIK manual for re-linking Cobol. However, now when I try to start Aleph I'm getting this error message:

    /exlibris/aleph/a18_1/aleph/exe/rts32: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    Looking in the /exlibris/aleph/a18_1/product/local directory, I see this:

    lrwxrwxrwx 1 aleph exlibris 24 Aug 16 10:47 cobol -> /exlibris/product/cobol5/
    drwxrwxr-x 18 aleph exlibris 4096 Aug 16 11:57 cobol_old/

    So it still has the link to /exlibris/product/cobol5/ created as part of the v20 install. It needs to be reverted to the cobol_old.

    You do this by:

    > cd /exlibris/aleph/a18_1/product/local
    > rm cobol
    > mv cobol_old cobol

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013