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    Returned Lost items not credited

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    In some or all cases, a billed/paid Lost item is not credited when it is returned. Why?

    When an item is billed as Lost, ALEPH doesn't delete the z36 (loan) record but instead changes its status from 'A' (Active) to 'L' (Lost). The pc_cir/pc_return_item program looks for loan records with z36_status = "L". If it finds one, it calls the pc_cir/pc_cir_handle_lost which looks up the z31 cash record for the user (the z36_id), etc..

    The problem could be: (1) (for converted records) no z36 status "L" record; (2) mismatch between the z31 Cash record and the z36 status "L" record; or (3) tab100 settings which prevent crediting..

    (1) No status "L" z36. If this problem is occurring with records converted from another system to ALEPH -- where you don't have Z36 (or Z36H) records with Z36_STATUS "L".

    (2) Mismatch between the z31 Cash record and the z36 status "L" record.

    Causes of mismatch: The pc_cir_handle_lost program reads the z31 and does the following checks:
    Z31-TYPE = "40" or "41"
    Z31-KT-Z36-NUMBER = Z36-NUMBER
    Z31-STATUS = <C, T, or O>*

    If any of these fails to match, then it is considered a non-match..

    * If tab100 LOST-LOAN-CREDIT-METHOD is "2", then Closed transactions ("C") will also not be automatically credited. (Only T and O will be credited.)

    (3) tab100 settings which prevent crediting.

    a. If the tab100 LOST-LOAN-CREDIT-METHOD is "2", then Closed transactions ("C") will not be automatically credited. To credit billed/paid items upon return, this needs to be "1".

    b. (16.02-up) If the tab100 REFUND-RATE" is set to "0 0 0", no crediting will occur.

    The first value sets the percentage that will be refunded for handling cost (tab18 transaction number 40);
    the second value, the replacement cost (transaction number 41); and
    the third value, the notice cost (transaction number 42).

    A value of 0 means that no refund will be made, and a value of 100 means that full refund will be made.

    Thus, a value of "0 100 0" would mean that the replacement cost, only, will be refunded. It will be fully refunded.

    Please note that there can be no space between the equal sign and the first number....
    REFUND-RATE= 0 100 0 does not work. It needs to be:
    REFUND-RATE=0 100 0 . See KB 8192-4279 for more on this case.

    We think that most sites will want to have at least the second value (replacement cost) set to 100% crediting.

    When one of the rates is set to zero, the flag ZERO-FINE-HANDLING is consulted whether to generate a zero-sum credit transaction.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013