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    Returns have incorrect Return Date until machine is rebooted

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    One of our check-in machines is providing an incorrect Return Date for items returned. The incorrect date is always the date that the machine was last rebooted. For example, yesterday (April 8th) the items returned on this machine had a Z36H_RETURNED_DATE of April 5, which was the last time the machine was rebooted. After rebooting the machine yesterday, the returned items began having correct return dates of April 8th. *However*, all the items returned today (April 9) had return dates of April 8th. After rebooting the machine today the items now have a return date of April 9.

    The machine's BIOS setup has the correct date & time. I have used SQL to query Z36H in an attempt to identify other machines that are behaving this way, but all the other machines seem OK to me.

    As a temporary fix we have set the machine up to automatically reboot at 12:05am every day. We would like to find out why it is behaving this way so that we can remove the automatic reboot. Any ideas?

    [From Jerry:]

    When you position the cursor over the time in the bottom right-hand corner of the pc or right-click and select Adjust Date/Time, does the correct date show?

    In the Circulation Return screen, if you click on Override Date, does the correct date show?

    [From site:]

    Both dates you ask about show the current date (April 12, 2010). However, the machine is still configured to reboot each morning at 12:05am, and as such, was rebooted this morning. I will have the re-booting disabled, check those two date fields (pc clock and Override Date in client), and let you know the results....

    I decided to completely re-install the Aleph client on that machine. Since then, the Return Dates on items checked in have been correct.

    [From site, later:]

    I have decided to close this incident, as it appears that re-installing the Aleph client has fixed the problem. I'm not quite sure what caused the problem to start with, but at least it seems fixed!

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013