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    How To Run Upgrade Express under TWO_TASK

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    Run Upgrade Express "Export Customer Data" and "Install Customer Data" in a TWO_TASK environment.

    A. On the Source Application server, following the steps in the run the "Upgrading 20-23 -UE.ACTUAL RUN"  (or similar) document, run the:

              1. Define upgrade parameters         

              2. Export customer data  => 

                     2. Pack the u-tree

    B.  On the Target Application server, ftp/sftp the upgrade_express_2201_2301 kit to the /exlibris/aleph directory and unzip/untar it.

    C.  On the Source Application server ...

              3. Transfer customer Aleph data (u-tree) to the target location  (specifying target server /exlibris/aleph/upgrade_express_2201_2301 as the target location).

    D.  On the Target Application server,

             (1)  check and make sure that the a20_1.tar.gz is found in the ./data directory.

             (2)  run  "2. Install Customer Data". 

             (3)  update $alephe_root/aleph_start per the "Upgrading 20-23 -UE.ACTUAL RUN" doc 

    E.  Use special procs for exporting/importing the Oracle data (on the DB servers).... The ./upgrade_express_2201_2301/util directory contains expdp_on_two_task.csh and impdp_on_two_task.csh procs. These procs contain the following lines:

      # Update the below !!!
      uk_root /exlibris/upgrade_express_2201_2301
      setenv ALEPH_APP_VERSION a20_1

      # Update with client real libraries !!!
      foreach lib (usm01 illsv)

    The "usm01 illsv" must be replaced by the actual local libraries. Example:
      foreach lib (xxx01 xxx10 xxx30 xxx50 xxx60)

    F. On the Source DB server:
       >  cd ./upgrade_express_2201_2301/util
       >  csh -f expdp_on_two_task.csh > & ../logs/expdp_on_two_task.csh.mmdd.log &

       >  cd ../data

       >  tar -cvf  a20_1.tar  a20_1

          [gzip-ing is unnecessary: it takes several minutes and reduces the size very little]

       >  sftp oracle@<target server>

       >  cd /exlibris/upgrade_express_2201_2301/data

       >  put a20_1.tar

    G.  On the Target DB server, for Upgrade Express:

          >  cd /exlibris/upgrade_express_2201_2301/data

       >  tar -xvf a20_1.tar 

        > cd ../util

         If you haven't already done so, update the impdp_on_two_task.csh  as described in step E above;

         Also, comment out the following lines in  impdp_on_two_task.csh:
        #  mkdir -p  ${target_dir}/dpdir
        #  echo "Created directory ${target_dir}/dpdir"

      (This needs to be done because you don't want to overwrite the data which the preceding "tar -xvf" has placed in each dpdir.) 


         >  csh -f impdp_on_two_task.csh > & ../logs/impdp_on_two_task.csh.mmdd.log &

    NOTE: You must be logged in as the appropriate Oracle user for the database server: in the case of the export from the Source (database) server, that's the Aleph 20 Oracle user; in the case of the import to the Target (database) server, it's the Aleph 23 Oracle user. The "setenv target_db aleph20" may need to be added to the export script and "setenv target_db aleph23" to the import.

    H.  On the Target Application server  perform the remaining Upgrade Express steps:  ftp the upgrade_express_2001_2101 kit, run "6. Backup tables to be updated" "3. Upgrade Express", etc.     


    Additional Information

    A library can do the export using the traditional, older/slower Oracle exp/imp option. To do the export (on the Application server) without the Data Pump, choose "No" when asked "Do you want to export using Oracle Data Pump?".
    Note: Running the Upgrade Express "Export Customer Data" using the Data Pump on the *Application* server in a TWO_TASK installation doesn't work; it yields the following errors:
    ORA-39002: invalid operation
    ORA-39070: Unable to open the log file.
    ORA-29283: invalid file operation
    ORA-06512: at "SYS.UTL_FILE", line 488
    ORA-29283: invalid file operation


    Category: Installation & Upgrades

    Subject: Upgrade Express

    • Article last edited: 2/4/2014