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    Running Automatic Implementation Notes (AIN) for upgrading tomcat fails when skipping a Service Pack

    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 22
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care



    Update of the Aleph 22 server from Service Pack 22.1.3.(2230) to 22.1.5 (2304) worked without a problem, but trying to execute the Automatic Implementation Notes (AIN) for upgrading Tomcat files.


    The csv file was updated with rep_change number 2279 and set to 'Yes'.


    The execution failed with

    Rep_change 2279. Implementation notes from report_change.dat:

    Info Tomcat version : Server version: Apache Tomcat/7.0.39

    Info THIS STEP UPGRADES FROM 7.0.54 to 7.0.65 ONLY !!!
    Note: You currently have: Server version: Apache Tomcat/7.0.39

    Note: Please run the AIN step 2049 first!!!



    Install the patch attached to this article. More details in section 'Additional Information'

    Additional Information


    AIN steps can be run ONLY in the range of the current Service Pack. It is not possible to run AIN included in previous Service Packs.

    This was not taken in account when writing the AIN for 2279.
    AIN 2279 (from SP 22.1.5) is dependent on AIN 2049 which is included in previous SP (SP 22.1.0). If you skip a Service Pack this might cause AIN implementation to fail.



    The attached new version of AIN step 2279 knows to upgrade the Tomcat to 7.0.65 when: 

    (a) Tomcat is currently in 7.0.54 (AIN 2049 did run), 
    AND also when: 
    (b) Tomcat is currently in 7.0.39 (AIN 2049 did NOT run).



    For running the fixed / patched AIN step 2279 - do the following:

    1. Download the attached file "ain_step_2279_patch_18052016.tar.gz" to "$HOME/" directory

    2. Check current version of Tomcat:




    3. Go to current SP directory:


       cd $aleph_dev/service_pack/2270-2304/ain/


    4. Backup current AIN step 2279:


       cp -r ./source/2279/ ./source/2279.bak
      cp -r ./conf/general/2279/ ./conf/general/2279.bak 


      This moves the current AIN step 2279 aside - to a backup.
    5. Extract the new version of the AIN step:


        tar -xzvf ~/ain_step_2279_patch_18052016.tar.gz 


      This replaces 2279 with the new 'patched' AIN 2279. It contains a fixed script and all the Tomcat files that need update.
    6. Run the AIN STEP - for 2279 :
      1. Either by:


                util SP / 5 / 7  -  Run Automatic Implementation Notes


      2. OR by:




    7. Choose : "4. Run Implementation Notes for a single rep_change" and enter 2279