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    Server time incorrect after server reboot

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Problem Symptoms:
    The server time is incorrect. Even after rebooting the server it is still incorrect.

    The /etc/localtime which should be a symbolic link to ____ was not a symbolic link but, instead, had the wrong local time coded in it.

    Temporary solution (not requiring reboot of server): use ntpdate command to correct. See Additional Information below for example.

    Permanent solution:
    * If this is an Ex Libris Hosted server, have Cloud Production change /etc/localtime to the proper symbolic link.
    * If a non-hosted, local server, ask the systems staff to do the same.

    Additional Information

    [root@dc02kg99999 ~]# date
    Tue Nov 19 15:14:38 EST 2013
    [root@dc02kg99999 ~]# ntpdate
    19 Nov 11:14:42 ntpdate[10374]: step time server offset -14399.111958 sec
    [root@dc02kg9999 ~]# date
    Tue Nov 19 11:14:44 EST 2013

    • Article last edited: 12/9/2013